• speed and performance

    Uniform utility

    No Compression


    A examine prepare via the painting and decorating Contractors of america (tempo) demonstrates that this approach can shop among 50% and 75% of portray time, so the gadget may be four times quicker than brush programs and a pair of instances quicker than curler packages.


    recommended Gun recommendations

    maximum airless paint sprayers have interchangeable tips. producers have developed an smooth numbering machine that’s smooth to decipher: the first digit refers to 1/2 the width of the spray, or fan, from 12 inches away, and the rest of the variety denotes the dimensions of the opening in thousandths of an inch.


    follow these tips while using airless paint sprayer:


    Lacquers, shellacs, stains, and water sealer: advocated guidelines - 0.009 to .013

    Enamels: recommended recommendations - zero.013 to .0.5

    Oil-based coatings and interior latex paints: endorsed suggestions - 0.013 to .017

    outside latex paints: advocated tips - zero.0.5 to .019

    where to start

    when the use of an airless paint sprayer, you need to additionally recognize wherein to begin portray. it is advocated to start with the edges of the walls on the pinnacle corners and flow your sprayer toward the middle of the room for your trigger-off motion.


    in case you mishandle the sprayer and an excessive amount of paint is applied in a single precise location, simply spread it and clean it out using a regular paintbrush. finish all regions next to windows, wherein other colorings adjoin, or corners, then go lower back and apply paint to large surfaces. recollect to smooth thoroughly the gadget after you have finished the paint process for the day.


    Airless Sprayer application hints

    in case you are using an airless sprayer for the next production venture make sure to:


    Use the right tip for the paint utility getting used

    Spray the gun or point the gut immediately on the floor. Tilting the gun at an perspective causes an choppy finish.

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